More preposterous research

One wonders, who is funding this nonsense?  Firstly, here’s (what I consider to be ) good information – a screen shot from the movie Food Choices, that compares countries’ percentage of unrefined plant foods in their diets with the respective incidents of heart disease and cancer in those countries.

Compare this data, to this recently released ‘research’, where the inexplicable conclusion is, that getting cancer is 60% pure luck!  Absolute nonsense in my opinion that has no business being in any scientific study.

If their study is to have any credibility at all, then where’s the ‘luck’ showing up in the screen shot?  IT ISN’T, because ‘luck’ has little to do with it.  I will be digging into who has been funding these jackass conclusions and revealing them here.  My prime suspects – big pharma & big ag.  We will see.  Until then, I’ll call nonsense what it is – not science, non-science.

Most sane people eat poison every day. Why?

Lots of problems with this reality, but today I want to address the ‘bacon’ thing.

Why do people persist in turning their meals into horror sideshows?  Well, their people do it too, they taught them to – plus, they just love that taste of bacon.  They do not give a thought to the lives of, or to the mass suffering and killing of pigs, or what eating pig meat does to their own bodies, or what position their behavior puts them into, as people.  They don’t care about what that their gobbling up dead pig flesh means, morally speaking, or what a factory farm pig’s horror show life is, or death is like, even though these individual people eating bacon are more directly responsible for the ongoing minute-by-minute reality of it all than the pig farmers themselves. They don’t care about the pesticides concentrated in the pig or what that will eventually do to their children.  They don’t care about the sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics put into the pigs bloodstreams so that these pigs can survive being penned in such close proximity to each other. They don’t care about the steroids put into the pigs to accelerate their growth and increase their size. They don’t care that millions of tons of raised-to-eat pig feces goes untreated.  Take a sweet vacation in eastern North Carolina, for instance…

So why would people participate in this situation at all?  Why would they eat that shit!  Rhetorical question.  They eat it because it tastes good, it is a good taste that they are preconditioned to love.  Back when they were first shown that it was good to eat, back when they learned that it was food, they had little in terms of rights or choice and no way to forage for their own food.  They were at the mercy really, of their families and culture, their minds were immature, the people who showed them that it was good food, did not know any better (which kinda puts into question the rest of these characters judgement, or ought to).  The people that they were with, they all ate it and got mad, even violent if you didn’t.  If their ‘teachers’ knew any better back then, well they weren’t telling.

Do you, know any better now?  Or do you want to just keep on eating that shit.

It is like Tales From The Crypt, you can’t make this shit up.

If dog tasted as good, people would be eating dog and keeping pigs as pets.  Whole societies are eating dogs as ‘livestock’, right now.  They are just as bad, of course – but not worse.  Apart from taste, these animals lead basically similar lives. All three types.