More preposterous research

One wonders, who is funding this nonsense?  Firstly, here’s (what I consider to be ) good information – a screen shot from the movie Food Choices, that compares countries’ percentage of unrefined plant foods in their diets with the respective incidents of heart disease and cancer in those countries.

Compare this data, to this recently released ‘research’, where the inexplicable conclusion is, that getting cancer is 60% pure luck!  Absolute nonsense in my opinion that has no business being in any scientific study.

If their study is to have any credibility at all, then where’s the ‘luck’ showing up in the screen shot?  IT ISN’T, because ‘luck’ has little to do with it.  I will be digging into who has been funding these jackass conclusions and revealing them here.  My prime suspects – big pharma & big ag.  We will see.  Until then, I’ll call nonsense what it is – not science, non-science.

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